Harmful Effects of Tea and Coffee

Its a Stimulant like Alcohol:

Tea, coffee, and tobacco, as well as alcoholic drinks, are different degrees in the scale of artificial stimulants. {CD 421.4}

What Tea does and What Coffee Does? Pick Your Poison

Tea has an influence to excite the nerves, and coffee benumbs the brain; both are highly injurious. You should be careful of your diet. Eat the most wholesome, nourishing food, and keep yourself in a calm state of mind, where you will not become so excited and fly into a passion. {CD 423.3}

Weakens the Nervous System:

Those who resort to tea and coffee for stimulation to labor, will feel the evil effects of this course in trembling nerves.... {CD 422.1}

Many who have accustomed themselves to the use of stimulating drinks, suffer from headache and nervous prostration... {CD 422.2}

Its influence is exciting, and just in the degree that it elevates above par, it will exhaust and bring prostration below par. {CD 421.1}


How this habits causes physical degradation? 

Skin Sallowen

Through the use of stimulants, the whole system suffers. The nerves are unbalanced, the liver is morbid in its action, the quality and circulation of the blood are affected, and the skin becomes inactive and sallow. The mind, too, is injured. The immediate influence of these stimulants is to excite the brain to undue activity, only to leave it weaker and less capable of exertion. The aftereffect is prostration, not only mental and physical, but moral. {CD 422.3}

Nerve Irritants:

"....All these nerve irritants are wearing away the life forces, and the restlessness caused by shattered nerves, the impatience, the mental feebleness, become a warring element, antagonizing to spiritual progress." {CD 421.6}

Causes Exhaustion:

"temporarily excites the mind to unwonted action, but the aftereffect is exhaustion, prostration, paralysis of the mental, moral, and physical powers." {CD 421.6}

Affects the Moral Character:

When these tea and coffee users meet together for social entertainment, the effects of their pernicious habit are manifest. All partake freely of the favorite beverages, and as the stimulating influence is felt, their tongues are loosened, and they begin the wicked work of talking against others. Their words are not few or well chosen. The tidbits of gossip are passed around, too often the poison of scandal as well. {CD 423.1}

We see nervous men and women, of unsound judgment and unbalanced mind. They often manifest a hasty, impatient, accusing spirit, viewing the faults of others as through a magnifying glass, and utterly unable to discern their own defects. {CD 422.3}

What About those who continue in this habit and does not get any Problem?

Those who use tea, coffee, opium, and alcohol, may sometimes live to an old age, but this fact is no argument in favor of the use of these stimulants. What these persons might have accomplished, but failed to do because of their intemperate habits, the great day of God alone will reveal. {CD 421.6}

What is Best for us to Drink?Never take tea, coffee, beer, wine, or any spirituous liquors. Water is the best liquid possible to cleanse the tissues. {CD 421.3}

What to do When you are Tried?Tired nerves need rest and quiet. Nature needs time to recuperate her exhausted energies.{CD 422.1}


We are not to treat unwisely one faculty of mind, soul, or body. We cannot abuse any of the delicate organs of the human body without having to pay the penalty because of transgression of nature's laws. Bible religion brought into practical life insures the highest culture of the intellect.  {2MR 104.1}