Whereas, The  Church has been given, through the Bible and the Spirit of prophecy, instruction in healthful living, and believing this instruction to be of divine origin, and that its object is to "secure the highest possible development of body and mind and soul," and, believing that observance of that instruction thus given this people will promote our health and happiness in this life and will aid us in a preparation for the life to come;

We therefore affirm our confidence in the health reform message, pledging our hearty support, and accept as our platform the following statement of principles as adopted by the General Conference in session, in 1936:

"We recognize that it is in God that we live and move and have our being; that man is not his own, but belongs to God by right of creation and redemp­tion; that the body is claimed by God for the in­dwelling of His Holy Spirit, and that man's mental faculties and physical powers should be used to show forth Christian character and service.


"We believe that 'whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,' and that a disregard for natural law and the violation of it are attended by physical penalty ; that much of the disease from which man suffers could be prevented by obedience to the laws of health; and that as Christians we owe it to God and our fellow men to observe these laws as fully as possible.

"We believe that the difficult and serious times upon which we have entered make extraordinary demands upon our reserve of physical and mental energy; that good health is especially important to enable us to meet the emergencies of these strenuous times; and that if we would preserve our health, we must have an understanding of the laws which govern our physical well-being and follow them in all our habits of living.

"We believe that God has given His people a special message for this time that will enable them to stand in the crisis just before them and to triumph in His kingdom. As an essential part of that message God has given instruction regarding the care of the body, which, if rightly practiced, will bring health and strength, with increased vigor and energy for His service.

"We believe that the light revealed in true science, in the Bible and the Spirit of prophecy, is of benefit only as it is followed, and that all our people should with confidence accept the truth concerning healthful living and practice its principles in their homes and in their individual lives.

"We believe that the principles of health reform demand total abstinence from all intoxicating bever­ages, such as beer, wine, and spirituous liquors, to­bacco in all its forms, tea and coffee, and irritating spices and condiments.

"We believe in sufficient and appropriate exercise and in proper and sufficient hours of sleep and re­laxation.

"We believe in the proper clothing of the body as relates to warmth, protection, simplicity, and modesty.

"We believe in strict cleanliness of person and premises, and protection against disease-bearing in­sects and against all disease-producing conditions.

"We believe that we should always do our best to supply the body with wholesome and nourishing foods, used with simplicity in variety and amount, and properly prepared.

"We believe that man's best diet is that originally provided for him: grains, fruits, nuts, and vege­tables, to which may be added eggs and dairy products when obtained under assured health conditions.

"We believe that flesh food at its best is only an emergency food ; that while it has food value, it at the same time contains poisonous products of animal-tissue wastes ; and that its use as food under ordinary conditions is attended by risk to the health.

"We believe that with the present great increase in diseases of animals, the use of flesh as food is attended by an ever-increasing danger ; that we should give serious heed to the urgent instruction given us to endeavor earnestly to provide for our tables that food which is most wholesome and best suited to health.

"We believe that the principles of healthful living should be adopted by our people, and practiced as fully as possible. We are not unmindful of the fact that there are in some countries conditions of poverty or scarcity that may make it difficult or even impossible for believers to obtain a sufficient quantity or variety of those foods best suited to promote health, and therefore we would not urge diet standards impossible to attain. We also believe that no one should sit in judgment on others in matters of diet."