1. To "lead the people to study the mani­festation of God's love and wisdom in the works of nature," to "lead them to study that marvelous organism, the human system, and the laws by which it is governed," so that "those who perceive the evidence of God's love, who understand something of the wisdom and beneficence of His laws and the results of obedience, will come to regard their duties and obligations from an altogether different point of view. Instead of looking upon the observ­ance of the laws of health as a matter of sac­rifice or self-denial, they will regard it, as it really is, as an inestimable blessing."


2. To cultivate and maintain a strong bond of brotherly fellowship between the gospel ministry and the medical ministry, and to foster the unification and strengthening of their combined efforts.

3. To unite with the gospel ministry in pre­senting the subject of healthful living in a practical, sound, well-balanced, comprehensive manner.

4. To revive an interest in genuine medical missionary work, which we are told is "the gospel in practice," and which "when con­nected with other lines of gospel effort . . . is a most effective instrument by which the ground is prepared for the sowing of the seeds of truth, and the instrument also by which the harvest is reaped."