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Whereas, The  Church has been given, through the Bible and the Spirit of prophecy, instruction in healthful living, and believing this instruction to be of divine origin, and that its object is to "secure the highest possible development of body and mind and soul," and, believing that observance of that instruction thus given this people will promote our health and happiness in this life and will aid us in a preparation for the life to come;

We therefore affirm our confidence in the health reform message, pledging our hearty support, and accept as our platform the following statement of principles as adopted by the General Conference in session, in 1936:

"We recognize that it is in God that we live and move and have our being; that man is not his own, but belongs to God by right of creation and redemp­tion; that the body is claimed by God for the in­dwelling of His Holy Spirit, and that man's mental faculties and physical powers should be used to show forth Christian character and service.

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1. To "lead the people to study the mani­festation of God's love and wisdom in the works of nature," to "lead them to study that marvelous organism, the human system, and the laws by which it is governed," so that "those who perceive the evidence of God's love, who understand something of the wisdom and beneficence of His laws and the results of obedience, will come to regard their duties and obligations from an altogether different point of view. Instead of looking upon the observ­ance of the laws of health as a matter of sac­rifice or self-denial, they will regard it, as it really is, as an inestimable blessing."